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Monday, April 24, 2017

adegan istri hamil pecah ketuban

wife giving birth scene pregnant water broke

Judul: Letzte Spur Berlin S01E01 Verantwortung
Durasi: 1 jam


The Last Barongsai movie is scheduled to be released premiere by Karnos Film on January 26, 2017. Okay we just see Synopsis The Last Barongsai more.
The Last Barongsai movie is scheduled to be released premiere by Karnos Film on January 26, 2017. Okay we just see Synopsis The Last Barongsai more.Kho Huan (Tio Pakusadewo) is faced with a dilemma. His face implied deep unrest. Letter invitation lion championship who come every year he just hold, he did not read.Meanwhile, Aguan (Dion Wiyoko) glued to read the letter in his hand. He is confused to be happy or sad. It was a notice that he was awarded a scholarship at Nanyang University Singapore.The problem here is the re-listing date and the lion dance is done on the same day, it makes the father and the child confused. Kho Huan expects his only son to attend school in Singapore and realize his dream. Kho Huan also immediately save the invitation letter in the drawer.Meanwhile, Aguan thought hard. What would happen if he left the lion dance club led by his father. Then, if he remains, what about his ideals?Hopefully the article about The Last Barongsai Synopsis is beneficial for all.

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Judul: A happy event
durasi: 8 menit
Review & Sinopsis

Captain Marvel, the first female superhero solo film from Marvel finally found the director. Known filmmakers who elected hold the position is a duo director Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck is known through Mississippi Grind and Half Nelson.

Interestingly, Boden and Fleck's previous names were never mentioned in the Captain Marvel lead-up exchanges that included Lesli Linka Glatter (Homeland), Jennifer Kent (The Babadook) and Jennifer Yuh (Kung Fu Panda 2). Then, among a number of potential names that ought to be glimpsed, what ultimately prompted Marvel to choose Boden and Fleck?

When interviewed by Fandango, Kevin Feige as architect of Marvel Cinematic Universe admits Boden and Fleck meet all the criteria required by Captain Marvel characters. Especially with the previous works of Boden and Fleck who always reap positive responses, this makes Marvel even more impressed.

"When we want to set a director, we want a moviemaker focused on emotional journey, humor, twists and turns of surprise-laden character traits, which describes Captain Marvel. They (Boden and Fleck) are most appropriate to handle Captain Marvel. And when you look at Ryan and Anna's work in the past, all of their movies are awesome and offer travel and character studies of a wide range, and that's what impressed us, "Feige said. He also promised, Captain Marvel movie will bring a lot of spectacular action.

Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel itself is played by Brie Larson (Kong: Skull Island). With the script of Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy), the film is about Air Force pilot Carol Danvers, whose DNA is exposed to alien body substances during an incident. As a result of these events, Carol has a super power that can make it fly and control energy.

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pregnant wife giving birth scene pain full

Judul: the road
durasi: 2menit
 Review & synopsisSince the successive success of Deadpool to Logan who stole the attention with the rating label R, the action of mutant franchise made by Fox more attractive to be anticipated. For the upcoming 2018, Fox will not half-heartedly will launch three mutant movies at once who just get the release date.

The first is New Mutants with the release schedule of April 13, 2018. This spin-off movie format comes from The Fault in Our Stars team, director Josh Boone and writer duo Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. With a cast that has not yet been officially announced, New Mutants tells of a heroic mutant team known to be the first graduates of the school of gifted children formed by Charles Xavier.

Moving to the next movie, Deadpool 2 will be released June 1, 2018. This sequel re-starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, accompanied by new players such as Josh Brolin (actor Thanos at MCU) as Cable and Zazie Beets as Domino. They compete acting under the direction of director John Wick, David Leitch. Deadpool 2 will be confronted with a series of blockbuster summer films, including Han Solo, Ocean's 8 and Transformers spin-offs.

Finally, there is X-Men: Dark Phoenix prepared for November 2, 2018. As the latest major series in X-Men Cinematic Universe, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is ​​said to be a continuation of X-Men: Apocalypse. Dark Phoenix itself refers to the X-Men comic arc that focuses on the character of Jean Gray when he lapsed into the dark side. This is the second time a Dark Phoenix element is lifted to the big screen, following X-Men: The Last Stand.

Meanwhile, X-Men: Dark Phoenix written by Simon Kinberg has no director yet, but Kinberg is widely rumored to be holding the position and replaces Bryan Singer. Regarding the player, a strongly alleged name will appear is Sophie Turner, who previously starred Jean Gray on X-Men: Apocalypse.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Son of the king making love with women until pregnant

anak raja bercinta sampai hamil

 Review & sinopsis:

Plot is smart, dumb and even, and make me laugh out loud. Do not expect Linda Lovelace to be beautiful, so awesome to make love when watching it, to me far compared to Teresa Ann Savoy, cast Drusilla, in the movie Caligula.Deep Throat itself tells the problems experienced by Linda, who never felt satisfied sexual desire to reach orgasm, Despite intense sexual intercourse with several partners. And after passing through a series of experiments and consultations, it was finally known that the problem lay in Linda's clitoral position that was not as normal as the normal woman, who was on her genitals, but was located deep in Linda's throat. The solution? Linda can only be satisfied if doing fellatio to partnernya.Absurd? Oh yes very! I got to laugh at it. 

 Not to mention watching the acting of all the players, much more convincing acting stupid ala Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Savannah, and others. Not to mention the illustrations of music in this movie, oh my God how happy I laugh watching this movie ... No wonder if Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creator of the cartoon series South Park, is very crazy about the absurdity of this movie, so like to use this film as a reference In some episodes scene. Oh yes I finally managed to watch this movie a few days ago, thanks to Torrent. Although it was quite a long wait, but it feels satisfied I can finally watch this magic movie ... And not just this Deep Throat that I managed to download through Torrent, but also the third movie that I seek from this first, Emmanuelle (1974). 

Emmanuelle is the first film from Seven films that take Emmanuelle as the main character. Emmanuelle himself revolves around the life journey of Emmanuelle, a naïve photo model who follows her husband who works in Bangkok, more precisely the sexual explorations he experienced in Bangkok, complete with Bangkok's go-go scenic scenes with all his miraculous acts, including the acrobatics of a woman, smoking Through the genitals, oh wow! I am curious to go to Pathpong yesterday, when I went there, paid already.Emmanuelle-even compared with Deep Throat is very different, its genre is softcore, and has a plot of story and acting its players are not as bad as acting carelessly Deep Throat, which is not much different With acting actor-actress sinetron in our TV now ... Emmanuelle itself is one of the best-made French softcore genre films in its screenings. This is evidenced by the long-running of this film in cinemas in Paris, France. 

 And that's why I'm interested to know about what this movie really is ... Actually there are many more softcore / hardcore genre films that make me curious, one such as "Story of O", "Alice in Wonderland: A Musical Porno", and But these three movies above are the ones I must hunt first ... And actually if you want to be honest, it's more fun to watch softcore-softcore movies like this, except the hardcore Deep Throat, rather than watching Vivid and Private films total hardcore , Which is so boring that it should keep pressing the fast forward button on my DVD remote control ...

adegan biarawi hamil dan melahirkan

 Giving birth conventual

Judul: The Innocents
durasi: 3menit

Review and sinospsis:

The movie Insidious 3 opens with the arrival of Quin Brenner, a beautiful teenager who claims to be trying to contact her late mother to house Elise Rainer. Elise Rainer is the same psychic in the movie Insidious 1 & 2 that the full review I have written before. Setting this movie is 1 year before the incident that befell the Lambert family in 2 previous films. Elise insists that Quin should never contact the dead because there will be a ghost of parasites who follow stick and want his soul.
Quin returns to his normal life with Sean (father) and Alex (sister). He wants to get out of the house by taking a theater school audition. Unfortunately his business failed. He was hit by a car for standing too long in the middle of the road. Quin suffered a broken leg and had to rest completely. When it is in that condition the attack of the astral parasite (insidious) that sought his soul more real and tried to kill him. Sean is also aware of the presence of astral beings that threaten the soul of his daughter. He also asked for help on Elise but again Elise refused to help for fear of bride in black threat.

At this moment Elise was still mourning. Jack, her husband died of suicide a year ago. After Jack's death, Elise tried to contact her husband but a horrible ghost joined her. The ghost that we later know as the black-clad bride repeatedly disturbs Elise and says she will die in her hands. The arrival of Quin caused Elise to taste the psychic world again, but she was not ready yet.
With Carl's support, the psychic friend who wears the dice in the second film, Elise realizes that her ability is needed by the people around. So he helped Quin who was already battered by a ghost who became parasitnya. Quin's ghost shaped man using a breathable axle (man can not breathe) and intends to bring Quin's soul into his dark world as his pet. Half the souls of Quin had been captured by this ghost when Elise, Spec & Tucker (2 TV crew) helped. They all tried to help take over half of Quin's soul from the parasitic ghost prisoner. With the belief that the living soul is stronger than the dead soul, Elise becomes a savior. In the end, it must be Quin himself who kills the insidious, parasitic ghost who is hiding and harming him.

I was less enthusiastic when welcoming the movie Insidious 3. Maybe because I was disappointed with the paranormal activity 3-5 which I have created a complete synopsis. Also the movie The Conjuring 3 that uses the title Annabelle and there is a synopsis here. Certainly pushy and less scary. I have no idea. But obviously, that's the way it usually is. The film was a big success and then made a franchise even more ridicule because raising a spot that is less fit. Even though the film was produced by the famous James Wan, the American horror lovers jumped out of the chair. I'm not even sure if this movie was attended when the process of making it. Is it just like this? See the time of manufacture. James Wan must be busy with the Furious 7. (Supplement: Apparently true, this is the first Insidious film untouched by cold hands)
Insidious 3 movie is again I watch alone at night. In order to aura more horror feels still. After all ... oh, the husband is now hardworking to work overtime every night. Huhu ... Sometimes I feel sorry, but it's hard to ask him to take a job. What's working at night? Brushing up agate! Yoi, my dear is helping the business of making a lot of friends every night because morning until afternoon we work in one place the same.

As I said before, the movie Insidious 3 is less exciting, less scary and predictable. The psychic & ghost characters in the first film were included as the story's liaison. The new one is just a ghost figure of Lilith Brenner at the end and a masked ghost. The ghost of a man who can not breathe without the help of this mask is a ghost in the Brenner family apartment. Such a leader is so feared by other ghosts.
Apart from the strangeness of our main ghost figure, I agree with one thing in this movie. That every place has a figure depicting the inhabitants who have died. If in Islam call it by name qorin. Not everyone can see qorin, of course. But they exist. The difference is, if this movie version (or other American ghost movie), the ghost that is in the house or certain locations is the ghost of the dead but failed to move on to the next world (The Further). So they're trapped here. Apart from whether or not I really reluctant to argue when there is a friend who tells the ghost is not perfect death because it could be true. Why am I reluctant? Because the knowledge of this other world is indeed very classified and deliberately kept the Creator of all beings so we remain faithful to Him.
In terms of setting the story, in fact I am a bit confused. If calculated from the description in the movie Insidious 2 that occurred in 2011 (1986 + 25 years), then if this movie happened 1 year earlier, means setting the movie Insidious 3 is in 2010. But I did not see much in the setting. The film is rather old-fashioned but modern. House and vintage furniture, face and fashion clothes that do not show the time frame. I have no idea. Throughout the movie I imagine this movie is as old as setting the movie The Conjuring but the laptop that is used is the latest. Then old & new contrast here. Finally, by reading the old post I can conclude, the movie setting was in 2010.
Ah yes ... I almost forgot. The film also provides information that Spec and Tucker, 2 high tech youth who captured the existence of ghosts with new technology that time met with Elise Rainer. Previously they were just 2 youths who bragged too much on youtube. After the meeting they just really know that a ghost can be captured by technology. They work together to catch the ghosts and come along as the Lambert family gets into trouble with the black bride ghost.

Pregnant wife Fifht and giving birth

judul/title: conan the barbarian
durasi: 4menit

Review & sinopsis:

 I am a fan of animated films. Starting from 2D classic animation, 3D, to stop motion. So it's only natural if my enthusiasm is always high when there is information about the animated film that will release. This is true when I first heard about this "Anomalisa".By looking at the basic view (stop motion) alone, I can not wait to watch "Anomalisa." How the plot is not me think anymore. The important thing is the animated film, I have to watch. Good or bad quality, that's a back thing.Once I know Charlie Kauffman's big name is in the directing and script writing, I convince myself if this is not an ordinary animated movie. It is clear that "Anomalisa" does not target children's audiences. So, who is Charlie Kauffman really? Why can he strongly hypnotize me?"Anomalisa" is the second film directed after "Synecdoche, New York" in 2008. He co-authored the script "Being John Malkovich" (1999), "Adaptation" (2002), and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004 ). Get to know these films first. If you've ever watched it, then know how the style tells the genius.Charlie Kauffman often writes films with themes such as "identity crisis" or "meaning of life." The style of the story depiction is also often against the flow of most films. Not infrequently also he often uses a fairly surreal narrative. Not light to digest, but very exciting to follow.

 The use of stop motion in the story material this time I can call it as a form against the current. With content though provoking that is his trademark, he changed the mainstream stop motion animation into an unusual treat.Let's go to the plot. "Anomalisa" tells the story of a customer service expert named Michael Stone (David Thewlis). Told in the beginning he was heading to the hotel in Cincinnati in order to promote his latest book. During the journey (so does his life), he sees everyone has the same face and voice. Including his wife and child. How sad I thought.Michael is a lonely person. What he has gone through is always monotonous. What he needs is a figure who can just talk to and understand him. Unfortunately, everyone is 'homogeneous' according to what he sees.If we examine more deeply, the circumstances experienced by Michael is called Fregoli Syndrome. A state in which man has a delusional belief that each person is actually a person who changes his appearance alone. Then Charlie Kauffman inserted a secret message in the name of the hotel where Michael 

Michael (male or female) has a male voice (voiced by Tom Noonan). But wait a minute. In addition to David Thewlis and Tom Noonan, Jennifer Jason Leigh gets the role of innocent girl named Lisa. Who is Lisa? Why is she the only woman? Why is he different from the others?Can be said if Lisa is a figure that has been sought and missed by Michael. He is different, shy, and inferior. But it's the 'strangeness' side that makes Michael hooked on him. It has what the other 'normal' does not have. A normality which, according to Michael, is a form of abnormality.As in "Being John Malkovich," Charlie Kauffman explores the innermost depths of human beings of fear and obsession within himself. The packaging is also surreal. In it we know how Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) is so obsessed with being John Malkovich's figure to master someone. Even in "Anomalisa," Michael is crazy to get the perfect figure he desires.There are many anomalies in "Anomalisa." Of course, the anomaly I'm talking about here is within the positive limits. Charlie Kauffman managed to collect his fantasy wildness in a simple story about a man overwhelmed by fear. In short, he wants to assert about people when overwhelmed with fear (loneliness, loss, etc.), they tend to lose their love and affection.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Film Indonesia - Air Mata Surga - PREGNANT MOVIE


As soon as I had finished with Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa, the latest film from Makoto Shinkai), a colleague of mine who did not come to watch asked me to describe what kind of film. As a movie-blogger (though not professional), I usually proficient in this regard. But I find it difficult to explain Your Name. Perbedaharaan probably due to lack of vocabulary, but I am pretty sure this film is difficult to describe in concrete. Your Name is a special movie-special-ness to better experienced and felt than told.

This film has the attractiveness of each movie lovers of every generation, so it's no surprise that he had great success commercially. Do not worry non-fans of anime, the film still would have an impact on you. In Japan, Your Name is a movie with the highest revenue this year once ranked fourth grossing film of all time there. The record is still held by the winner of his Spirited Away Hayao Miyazaki, but Shinkai movie is already a monster box office by passing Howl's Moving Castle, broke the conception that only Ghibli films that could reach billions of yen in theaters.

Shinkai often referred to as "the new Miyazaki" and this is not wrong, not only in terms of the commercial but also the creative side. They are equally watered our eyes with an explosion animation feast for the eyes, without forgetting the emotional foundation. However, they are charming with each other's way. If we Miyazaki identikkan with the word "imagination", then Shinkai is "beauty". Your Name is the beauty of visual and narrative. It was built with pretty pictures of realistic-but-dreamy and at the same time, binds us with a stirrer melancholy emotions of the two main characters. Mitsuha and Taki are the two most obvious anime characters and manufacturer of the most successful baper this year.

After opening with a scene comet across the sky, we are told that Mitsuha (Mone Kamishiraishi) is a high school girl who lived in the village Itomori who hold tight to ancestral traditions. Taki (Ryuunosuke Kamiki) is a Tokyo teens who like to hang out in the cafe and part-time job at an Italian restaurant. One day, Taki Mitsuha awakened in the body, and vice versa. Initially they thought this was just lucid dream, but it turns out they actually change your body for the day. Events that occur many times this fishing hilarious moments (including a recurring joke about Taki who are fond of holding "new chest" him), especially when family and friends each aware of their sudden behavioral changes.

They try to communicate through notes or phone, but could not remember the name of one another the next day. This section is funny and entertaining, to arrive to the moment where they feel (probably) already fell in love. They need to meet but it is not as easy as it sounds, because Taki are very far from Mitsuha; so far that we was not sure whether they could meet in the final. Search Taki capital only a sketch of a lake painstakingly memorized. The film features many of the supporting characters, but the story remains focused on Mitsuha and Taki. These supporting characters into the add to the complexity of their characterization.

As is apparent from his works including Voices of a Distant Star and 5 cm Per Second, Shinkai is Jagonya make melodrama about love separated by distance and time. He toyed with the expectations and the expectations of the audience. We do not look directly intimacy Mitsuha and Taki, but we can feel that they are much closer than any pair. How can they stay united if it has a different and a different life?

There are cultural and mystical themes are woven together with the main plot of the powerful love story LDR of Your Name. Three important terms in the film: "Musubi", "Kuchikamisake" and "Katawaredoki" irrelevant impressed the first time we hear it, but when the character we needed a miracle, without a doubt we believe them immediately.